10 Dirtbike Tools We Can’t Live Without

Here are 10 Dirtbike Tools that keep us moving forward on a daily basis. Is your favorite on the list?

Over the years, we’ve handled a lot of dirtbike tools.

Everything from specialty tools to power tools to outright gimmicks has passed through our hands as we have sought to arm ourselves with the best, simplest and most effective way to handle maintenance chores on our dirtbikes. That got me to thinking about just what dirtbike tools I reach for the most, and why, hence this list.

Now, this isn’t the most spectacular list of tools ever assembled–in fact some of them are pretty mundane, and number seven on my list probably wouldn’t even qualify as a tool for most dirtbike riders, but that one is an absolute necessity for me. So go ahead and take a look at this list of odds and ends we need to keep things moving forward on a daily–and sometimes hourly–basis. I’ll bet you’ll find that you already have many of them, and you probably take them for granted. Ask yourself how important they are to you.

Dirtbike Tools

10. Pressure Washer
There’s a reason they call ‘em dirtbikes, but there’s no reason for leaving ‘em dirty. At the end of a day of riding, the first thing we do is bust out our most favorite of dirtbike tools, a pressure washer, to remove all of the heavy grime that cakes up on our rides from a day at the track or out on the trail. Just remember that these units are not a garden hose, and care must be taken to keep the high-pressure water stream from damaging seals and other pieces, which could allow water to get inside of your machine’s engine and bearing surfaces. When we’re done, we thoroughly blow the machine dry and then wipe it down with WD-40 to prevent corrosion.

Ours: Craftsman Pressure Washer (prices vary)