Video: April DirtBike Fail Crash Compilation

An April dirtbike crash video compilation that is sure to rattle your fillings. Caution: You may want to put on your helmet before viewing it.

With all the DirtBike crash videos that proliferate on YouTube, the uninitiated might think that dirtbikes were made to be crashed rather than ridden. The latest video on the Enduro Lubuskie YouTube channel is another example of the genre.


The video is entitled Motocross Fail Compilation, but there’s a whole lot more than just motocross crashes going on here. Crash footage from both on and off the bike is mined from sand dune riding, enduros, endurocross, woods riding, motocross, hillclimbing–pretty much anywhere and everywhere that memorable crash videos are captured. Heck, there are even scenes from cornfields and–perhaps the ones that might make us all wince the most–the dreaded beginning rider trying a dirtbike for the first time.

The pain’s all here.