10 Father’s Day Gifts for Dad, under 50 Bucks

Check out this assortment of frugal yet fun and fancy gifts for the man on your Father’s Day shopping list. And they’re all less than half a Benjamin.

Ahh, Father’s Day, that centuries-old tradition where the paternal bonds are remembered and celebrated. The bargain-basement sock aisle at the local department store never had it so good.

But if your Dad is a dirtbike rider, or if you share the dirtbike lifestyle with him, then Father’s Day serves as the perfect opportunity to show him just how much you care by selecting a cool gift from our Father’s Day Top-10 List. Best of all, it isn’t like Father’s Day is some important holiday such as the winter season, Dad’s birthday or Tax-Refund Day, so we made sure to keep the MSRPs of these nifty gifties under 50 bones.

Check ’em out and see if Dad rates well enough to deserve one of our selections.

Father's Day10. AB Spirit Millionaire Cologne by Lomani, $15.19

What the…? Are you kidding? Why you little ungrateful punk! C’mon! Dad’s better than some cheap cologne that really only rubs-in how much money he’ll probably spend on your program before you make it big as a factory rider! We’re sure he’ll think wonderful thoughts about you when he is rubbing this swill all over his cheeks. It’s doubtful that any of these scent choices–citrus, pink pepper, jasmine, black currant, rose, or lilly—are going to help him get lucky with Mom anyway.

There’s a whole lot of much cooler stuff on this list, so drop the cologne and tie routine and move on!