Rick Sieman’s 10 Worst DirtBikes in History

Rick “Super Hunky” Sieman calls out 10 of the worst dirtbikes ever. Most of their owners wish these slugs had never left the factory. Do you own one?

2. Any Three-Wheeler

worst dirtbikes
Honda ATC90

Yup, the All-Terrain Cycle, or ATC, was introduced by Honda to let people who didn’t have the skills to balance a regular two-wheeled bike ride in the dirt. Cute little buggers, the ATCs sold like crazy, causing Yamaha and Kawasaki to get in on the act as well. Then savvy people started noticing that they handled like a shopping cart loaded with bowling balls with one locked front wheel going down a flight of stairs. People started doing wonderful things like riding over their own legs and biffing over the bars when the things got into a high- speed wobble–you know, anything over 20 mph. Suspension on these early three-wheelers? Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zero. Just three balloon tires were there to take the impacts.

As the years passed, three=wheelers got more and more powerful and they gave them forks and shocks. This let the unstable triangle wallow around, as well as defy the laws of physics when trying to turn. The rest is history. Three-wheelers are no longer being made, replaced by more stable if no more inspiring (for dirtbike riders, anyway). Thank heaven.