13 Classic Dual Sport Motorcycles Worth Owning

We’ve put together a list of the greatest Dual Sport motorcycle models of all time, and they come from all eras. Did your favorite bike make the cut?

4. Triumph TR6
Dual Sport

Once you’ve made all the mistakes while trying to restore that BSA Victor 441, and you’re ready to step up to the crème de la crème of British bikes, you might want to start shopping for a Triumph twin. And if you intentions of getting it dirty, then the TR6 might be the best choice. Effectively produced for the U.S. market, more specifically the California desert, the TR6 Trophy hit American shores in 1956. It’s high pipes and larger brakes than the street model Triumph Thunderbird from which it was spawned were just two of the changes that made the TR6 a great choice in an era when big twins still dominated AMA Hare & Hound competition before lightweight two-strokes began their meteoric rise to power in off-road racing and motocross. Finding a clean, stock example will be difficult and spendy, but there are a lot of TR6s out there in various condition for prices ranging from the affordable to the absurd. If you can find a 1956 to 1968 TR6 in decent shape and with period-correct aftermarket parts on it, it’s worth considering all day long.