13 Classic Dual Sport Motorcycles Worth Owning

We’ve put together a list of the greatest Dual Sport motorcycle models of all time, and they come from all eras. Did your favorite bike make the cut?

12. Suzuki DR650S
Dual Sport

You could call any Dual Sport model that was produced 25 years ago a classic. The Suzuki DR650 is a classic that is still being produced. First introduced as a replacement model for the DR600 in 1990, the DR650’s electric-start, four-valve, SOHC engine displaces 644cc, and its power delivery is decidedly old-school four-stroke, with plenty of diesel-like grunt down low. Its five-speed transmission is perfect for road use, but the DR has always been able to get down in the dirt, too, so long as the terrain being traversed doesn’t pose too much of a challenge to its soft suspension and hefty 360+ pounds. Still, for all-day comfort, the DR650S is definitely a classic, and there are thousands of them out there available in the used market for reasonable prices.