2018 Husqvarna TE 250i and TE 300i Video–Limitless Enduro

Husqvarna releases its Enduro Models 2018–Limitless Enduro video to showcase the 2018 TE 250i and TE 300i fuel-injected two-strokes.

Husqvarna (and KTM) continue to push their new fuel-injected two-stroke models, the 2018 TE 250i and TE 300i, and the techincally innovative machines remain worthy of attention.

TE 250i
Husqvarna’s new Limitless Enduro video showcases the fuel-injected TE 250i and Te 300i. PHOTO COURTESY OF HUSQVARNA MOTORCYCLES GmbH.

The 2018 Husqvarna TE 250i and TE 300i represent not only a lifeline for two-strokes in terms of much welcome cleaner emissions, but they also perform better than their carbureted predecessors. That’s a win-win for consumers who prefer power valves to intake and exhaust valves, and the ring-ding sound of a high-performnance two-stroke to the thump of a four-stroke single. Now the iconic brand has released a new video to showcase the TE 250i and TE 300i. According to Husqvarna, both models will be in dealerships this fall.

Check out the video here, along with Husqvarna’s official press release on the TE 250i and TE 300i:

Following the successful introduction of its revolutionary fuel-injected two-stroke enduro models, Husqvarna Motorcycles are pleased to present Enduro Models 2018–Limitless Enduro, an action video that showcases an entirely new world of limitless enduro.

Husqvarna Motorcycles recently launched the all-new, fuel-injected TE 250i and TE 300i machines –new models that feature unprecedented advantages in terms of performance, rideability, fuel consumption and ease of use. The introduction of fuel-injection by Husqvarna Motorcycles marks a bold new step into the future of offroad motorcycling.

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