2023 Honda CRF300L and CRF300L Rally Revealed

Honda drops two beginner-friendly dual-sport models for 2023.

Honda is making a big splash in the motorcycle world with the announcement of not one, but two beginner-friendly dual-sport models for 2023. The CRF300L and CRF300L Rally are built for entry-level riders looking to explore off-road and adventure touring, and both offer excellent performance and a host of exciting features.

The CRF300L is equipped with a 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine and six-speed transmission. The bike boasts long-travel suspension, ensuring a smooth ride even over the roughest terrain. Additionally, it has a comfortable seat and a low center of gravity, making it easy to handle for riders of all skill levels. Pricing for the CRF300L starts at$5,399.

The CRF300L Rally, meanwhile, is perfect for riders who want to take their adventures to the next level. It has a larger fuel tank, a taller windscreen, and a navigation tower, all of which make it easier to go the distance. Like the CRF300L, the CRF300L Rally is equipped with long-travel suspension and a comfortable seat, making it a pleasure to ride no matter where the journey takes you. Pricing for the CRF300L Rally starts at$6,149.

“At Honda, we’re committed to producing motorcycles that suit riders of all experience levels and backgrounds, and the dual-sport category is a great example of that,” said Brandon Wilson, American Honda Manager of Sports & Experiential. “The CRF300L is hugely among those looking for an affordable, reliable dual-sport machine, and the new ‘LS’ version makes the platform an option for those who prefer a shorter seat height. These models make motorcycling more accessible to new and cost-conscious riders while still offering an enjoyable ride experience for long-time enthusiasts.”

Both models will be available in Honda dealerships across the United States in early 2023, and Honda encourages all beginner riders to take a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course before hitting the trails to ensure safe and enjoyable riding experiences. So, if you are a beginner rider, then these dual-sport models from Honda could be just what you need to get started in off-road and adventure touring.

Honda CRF300L

  • MSRP
    • CRF300L: $5,399
    • CRF300L ABS: $5,699
    • CRF300LS: $5,699
  • Colors
    • CRF300L: Red
    • CRF300L ABS: Red
    • CRF300LS: Swift Gray
  • Available: April (CRF300LS May)

Honda CRF300L Rally

  • MSRP
    • CRF300L Rally: $6,149
    • CRF300L Rally ABS: $6,449
  • Color: Red
  • Available: April