Baja Rally 2.0 Enters Two-Week Countdown

The Baja Rally 2.0 is just two weeks away. Here is the course map for the event.

The Baja Rally 2.0 is just two weeks away. Here is the course map for the event.


The following is from the promoter of the Baja Rally 2.0

ENSENADA BAJA CA, MEXICO- has unveiled the general details of 1619 kilometers of stage routes for the upcoming BAJA RALLY 2.0 ‘the ultimate adventure rally raid” taking place in Baja California, Mexico, September 24-28.

Riders and support teams will visit five towns over the course of four days and cover 893 km of timed “special stages” mixed in with 726 km of non-timed “liaison” or transfer stages. It’s the closest thing to the Dakar Rally in all of North America.

The official start of BAJA RALLY 2.0 is 9 a.m. Thursday, September 25, departing from the Port of Ensenada. The Rally will have four separate finishes on Sunday September 28: The “Mama Espinoza’s Stage” is a special loop stage which will return to the Mama Espinoza’s bivouac by 7:30 a.m. Spectators can watch the bikes return for service before they depart on transfer to the final stage that will finish at the perfectly located Hotel Paraiso Colonet. There, riders will have finished the “racing portion” of the rally but are still required to ride leisurely to Ensenada where the they will be welcomed by off-road fans attending the beachfront Expovision Off-Road show at Playa Hermosa. After crossing the Expovison podium, riders must continue several blocks to the San Nicolas Hotel where riders must “check-in” to the VIP finishers pool party.

“By partnering with Exposvison Off Road, we have a truly unique opportunity to introduce the sport of rally to the fans and riders in Mexico”, explained BAJA RALLY creator Scotty Breauxman, “And here we have roughly 1000 miles of riding adventure that immerses the riders in local cultures while testing their skills at every level. We have some of Baja CA’s best-kept secrets to show these racers so they can see what Baja CA has to offer.”

Unlike traditional “off-road” events that are very popular and widely followed in Baja California, rally raid is a brand new style of racing for this region and gaining interest. Because there are no course markings or “pre-running” practice on the course, the riders must navigate their way to the finish of each day’s route without a GPS, where they arrive to the bivouac, or military-style encampment complete with water, food, shelter and services. Rally is a more environmentally friendly way to have a motorsports event in Baja CA and the sophisticated nature of navigating lends itself to a more civilized and interesting motorsports experience.

“Our Baja Rally is a traveling eco-adventure and a great tool to help adventurists train for return visits to Baja CA in the future”, Breauxman confided, “One of our goals is for participants to learn about local cultures and lesser known venues. By moving the overnight locations to remote spots with cultural and historical value, it’s a traveling education through this great state.”

Baja Rally is the first and only navigation-based rally event in Baja California. The inaugural Baja Rally, which sold out in the first 36 hours of registration, was held October 3-6 and was deemed a massive success, attracting race stars Andy Grider, Quinn Cody, Nino Rojas, and Octavio “Chivo” Valle, the only Mexican to ever complete two Dakar Rallies.