Baja Rally School Announces Remaining 2017 Dates

The remaining 2017 dates for the Baja Rally School have been posted. The course offers participants an opportunity to learn navigation and prepare to race in rally raid events such as the Baja Rally in Mexico.

The following is from the organizers of the Baja Rally, regarding their Baja Rally School training courses for aspiring rally racing participants:

Baja Rally School

Baja Rally School has opened registration enrollment for the last two training courses of 2017.

The Baja Rally School is open to motorcycles, UTV’s and Quads. The following detailed list of minimum requirements explains everything interested rally students need to qualify for this unprecedented and comprehensive immersion into the world of navigation rally racing, such as:

1) Properly installed / mounted rally navigation kit.

2) 4-stroke motorcycle from 250cc – 701cc displacement as delivered. Bike must be completely safe with at least 70 miles of fuel range. Riders wishing to take the course on a larger bike above 701cc must apply in writing for an exception and must provide resume and references for competency. Apply to [email protected]

3) Standard riding protective gear: Helmet, boots, googles, gloves, riding pants, jacket, gloves and hydration (ie: Camelback) backpack.

4) Roadbook marking kit: 1 pall ball point ink pen, 3 different colored highlighter marking pens, glue stick, scissors, and roll of scotch tape.

5) Rider must be intermediate level off road skill or above, in good health with no pre-existing medical conditions. This is a serious navigation training program for experienced off road riders and racers.

This is not an off road training and skills program. If you are not in good riding shape with adequate off road skills, you will be disqualified from the program after the first practice stage.

This is the most comprehensive navigation rally training program available to the public in North America and an ideal way for racers to prepare for world class rallies such as Sonora, Coast to Coast and the Baja Rally 2018.

Enrollees should prepare for a transformational shift in their racing style with classroom training, practice drills and five training stages, including a purposefully difficult final exam stage of 74 kilometers. At the end of the three-day Baja Rally School academy, graduates will have a demonstrated proficiency in racing and navigating with roadbooks as well as applying rally strategies and theory that transcend any other type of training of this kind.