Best Dirt Bikes for Kids: Keeping It Simple for Beginners

Our list of Best Dirt Bikes for Kids mostly considers cost, mechanical simplicity and ease of maintenance for beginning riders. There’s a bike on here to suit your kid.

1. Honda CRF50F, $1499
Best Dirt Bikes for Kids

If you grew up riding a Honda Mini-Trail 50 or an XR75, then you know just how tough and reliable Honda’s line of four-stroke trailbikes is; keep the oil changed, and they’ll practically run forever.

Nowadays, the Honda CRF50F is the starting point for little guys and gals who want to experience motorized recreation on two wheels, The CRF50F’s 49cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke delivers a mellow powerband that’s perfect for beginners. Mom and Dad can bring the kids along slowly, thanks to the CRF50F’s adjustable throttle limiter, and its automatic clutch and three-speed transmission teaches riders how to shift without having to deal with a manual clutch. The CRF50F’s 21.6-inch seat height makes the bike easy to manage for short inseams, and with a claimed weight of just 110 lbs., this little red superstar is easy to toss in the bed of a truck.