Best Dirtbike Stands

From kickstands to center stands, and everywhere in between

Best Dirtbike Stands

Not all dirtbikes come with kickstands, and not all kickstands are created equal. We’re guessing you probably found yourself here for one of those two reasons. (This post was updated on Feb. 24, 2020)

Being able to put your kickstand down whenever you need to get off the bike on the trail is great, if you have a trail bike with a kickstand. If you’re one of the many riders who ride motocross bikes, which do not come equipped with a kickstand from the factory, out in the trails or anywhere other than a motocross track where your stand is always nearby, you’ll often have to find something to lean your bike up against when you’re not on it – not always the most convenient or ideal situation. Motocross bikes don’t come with kickstands because they can restrict ground clearance, mobility on the bike, cornering ability, they add unnecessary weight, can get caught or snagged up on things, but most importantly, because they can pose as a possible added danger to a rider while racing or riding on a motocross track.


Trail Tech Kickstand

If you have a motocross bike and use it to trail ride frequently (present company included), you can install a kickstand to make your life a little easier. Companies like Pro Moto Billet, Trail Tech and Tusk build bolt-on kickstands for virtually any common dirtbike manufactured in the last 30 years. These kickstands are nice because they’re typically stronger and more rugged than a stock stand, they conveniently attach to existing bike mounting points, and they swing up discretely underneath the side panel or number plate when not in use. You almost forget it’s there. We would, however, advise you to remove it whenever riding at the track.

This Trail Tech Kickstand (pictured) costs about $120 (depending on model).

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Triangle Stands

A triangle stand is similar to a kickstand in that it allows the bike to lean on its own and not fall over, but it’s not affixed to the bike. Rather, a round post slides into the hollow part of your rear axle, allowing you to lean the bike to either side. On smaller dirtbikes, sometimes it slides into a slot on the frame by the foot peg brackets. Triangle stands can be convenient in the garage or at the campsite, but they’re a pain to carry around while riding, and we don’t recommend it. You’re better off getting one of the aforementioned aftermarket kickstands or just finding trees or rocks to lean your bike up against while on the trail. When it comes to buying a triangle stand, it’s such a simple design that it’s hard to mess up, but we will say this: the wider the base, the sturdier the stand will be. Just something to keep in mind.

This Tusk Multi-Fit Triangle Stand will fit just about any dirtbike out there and costs only $10.99.

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Regular Center Stand

The next option you have available is a regular stand, and these are great for a number of reasons. For starters, they’re nice and sturdy (so long as you’re on flat ground), and they’re great for performing any sort of service or maintenance on the bike because they stand it upright with its wheels off the ground. There are a couple of different designs when it comes to these types of center stands. Your basic aluminum stand is usually the best bet. They’re rugged, durable and can stand up to just about any beating you can throw at it. We suggest getting a metal stand, such as the Matrix Concepts C1 Carbon Steel stand, pictured here, because although the plastic ones can sometimes be lighter, they’re often pretty flimsy.

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Lift Stand

Motorsport Products P-12 Adjustable Lift StandAnother option within the center stand category is a lift stand. A lift stand is very similar to a regular stand, but it can be much easier for some people to use. With a regular stand, you have to lift the bike up onto it yourself, which isn’t difficult, but takes a little practice. A lift stand, on the other hand, does the heavy lifting for you. You simply slide the lift stand underneath the bike’s frame and push down on the lever with your foot. The stand lifts up on its own and locks into place. When you’re ready to take the bike off the stand, you simply depress the release lever and the bike comes back down.

This Motorsport Products P-12 Adjustable Lift Stand pictured here comes in a variety of colors.

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With a couple different tweaks in design, these are your basic options when it comes to selecting a stand for your dirtbike.

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