Best Dirtbike Tire Lubricant Choices: 7 Great Options

Tackling the chore of changing a dirtbike tire? Here’s a list of seven great dirtbike tire lubricant options to help make the job easier.

4. 1.7 Formula 8 Tire Mounting Lube
dirtbike tire lubricant
Price/Value: $10 for 16 oz./4.5
Effectiveness: 4.5
Ease of use: 4
Cleanup: 4.5
Overall: 4.5
Pros: The neatest, slickest liquid here, stays wet a long time.
Cons: Hmmm… unwieldy name? Silly, tattered-look label?

First, let’s break down that name: Formula 8 Tire Mounting Lube comes from chemical supply maker 1.7, a division of Matrix Concepts. This liquid contains coconut soap and comes in a 16 oz. pump spray bottle. We found Formula 8 very slippery, and appreciated that it dried slowly, giving us a big window of opportunity to get tools in place and make them work. It rinses off just as easily as soapy water, and a little easier than RuGlyde (perhaps we were just more diligent with the latter). Because it clings nicely to the tire (with a slightly foamy consistency) and it never required re-application, we used a lot less of it than was typical with soapy water or Ru-Glyde. So, there was almost none inside the tire or on the floor. Formula 8’s bottle has nozzle settings for “spray” and “stream,” and the stuff even smells good. Although it costs more than soapy water, it’s still so cheap that we think it’s the best of the liquid dirtbike tire lubricant options; we’ve used it on several tire changes and the bottle still feels full.

Matrix Concepts/1.7
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