Best Dirtbike Tire Lubricant Choices: 7 Great Options

Tackling the chore of changing a dirtbike tire? Here’s a list of seven great dirtbike tire lubricant options to help make the job easier.

1. No-Mar Tire Mount Lubricant
dirtbike tire lubricant
Price/Value: $15 for 16 oz./4.5
Effectiveness: 5
Ease of use: 5
Cleanup: 4
Overall: 5
Pros: All the advantages of a paste and a spray, easy cleanup.
Cons: Relatively expensive–but only when compared to free!

No-Mar, builder of the tire-changing hardware of the same name, offers this gelatinous paste that looks like transparent amber grease. Made with a vegetable base, it’s super-slippery, non-toxic and cleans up fairly easily with clear water–not quite as easily as the water-based liquids here, but much easier than the Yamalube or automotive paste. And here’s a neat trick: put two tablespoons of it in your squirt-bottle with some warm water, shake it up, and now you’ve got a liquid version of the same dirtbike tire lubricant. We didn’t notice any huge advantage of this solution over soapy water, however, so may want to conserve the costlier No-Mar paste and just use soap for your liquid mixture. On the other hand, there’s something elegant about having one substance work both ways, and so little is needed in either format that you may decide to just go wild and have an all-No-Mar tire-changing experience. Don’t worry, unless you change tires for a living or for all your friends, you’ll still be unlikely to ever need a second jar of No-Mar. This one gets our highest rating, since it truly does it all without penalty.

No-Mar, 1560 Fenpark Drive
Fenton, MO 63026
Phone: 636-326-5999