Best Electric Dirt Bike Models of 2017: Electrifying Performance on the Rise

Was 2017 the year of the electric dirt bike? Maybe not, but here are five electric dirt bike models that made an impression on us.

The electric dirt bike is slowly but surely losing its status as a novelty act.

electric dirt bike
KTM’s capable Freeride E-XC is just one of many electric dirt bike models with the potential to entice a number of dirt bike fans into the electric dirt bike market.

Once dismissed by hard-core dirt bike riders as lovely engineering exercises that held little value in the real world due to their extreme weight and decided lack of range, electric dirt bike models have continued to evolve, and they are beginning to open a few eyes and minds to their performance potential in off-road riding. To be sure, such issues as range, throttle response/rideability and weight have yet to be sorted out, but electric dirt bike technology continues to evolve, and their are some exciting new products on the horizon thanks to the efforts of boutique electric brands such as Zero and Alta as well as more recognizable internal combustion engine OEMs such as KTM and Gas Gas/Torrot.

So why not produce a list of electric dirt bike models that made a favorable impression on us in 2017? Frankly, we were surprised to realize that we could even produce such a list because there were five damn good electric machines that came to mind immediately, ranging from the youth models to dual sport models to hard-core motocross and off-road models. If you like the idea of an electric dirt bike, there’s probably a model here that will intrigue you. But even if you don’t, it’s hard to deny that the electric dirt bike has a place in the future of our sport, and that future is getting closer and closer to the present with each passing day.

5. Torrot e10 Endurocross

electric dirt bike
Torrot e10 Endurocross

The Torrot e10 Endurocross offers a great way for kids to get their jollies on an electric dirt bike, and it’s even priced reasonably at $2495. The Lithium-ion battery powered e10 is great for beginning riders because it features adjustable power settings from 350 W to 1050 W via the use of an accessory wireless controller, which allows parent to remotely limit, configure or even switch off e10’s power by using Torrot’s Android or iOS app.

Like its electric motor, the rest of the e10 Endurocross is designed to handle rigorous off-roading, boasting a chrome-moly steel chassis, suspension from Italian company EBR, and MITAS Kidcross tires and durable ABS plastic bodywork. If we were looking to get a kid started in dirt bike riding, we’d give the Torrot e10 Endurocross some serious consideration.