Camouflage Dirtbike and ATV Riding Gear Options

If you like the stealthy look of camouflage riding gear, here are some intriguing options to help you hide out while you ride out.

What is it that’s so appealing about camouflage?


It’s sort of odd to think that a design originally intended to hide a person or an object by helping it to blend into its surroundings has become such a fashionable and highly visible staple of everyday clothing.

Camouflage first came into heavy use during World War I when troops first came under attack from the air as well as the ground, thanks to the invention of the airplane. Brightly colored uniforms were easy to pick off. Thus, the development of clothing that could the troops conceal themselves from the enemy developed quickly, and the use of camouflage has remained a virtual necessity in combat ever since.

Of course, there are some good reasons for civilians to wear camouflage, especially outdoor sportsmen such as hunters. And since many rugged personalities rely on dirtbikes and ATVs to get them into and out of the wilderness, it only makes sense that some of the powersports apparel manufacturers would incorporate camouflage color schemes into some of their off-road clothing. Since camouflage has become as fashionable, the rest of us benefit from it too.

Here are some prime examples of riding gear that looks cool and can perform a unique function when necessary.

Fox Racing V1 Camo Helmet, $169.95

Camouflage is affixed to Fox’s popular V1 entry-level helmet. Safety features include an injection-molded Polycarbonate/ABS outer shell that Fox claims is one of the strongest helmet shells on the market. The shell is available in three different sizes to accommodate many head sizes. Fox also uses four different EPS sizes to ensure conmfort and the most accurate fit for a given head size. Nine intake scoops channel cool air throughout the helmet while four exhaust vents help evacuate hot air. The Fox V1 Camo exceeds ECE 22.05 and DOT safety standards. It is available in sizes XS-XL.

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