Dirtbike Video: Hysterical Laughter After Missing a Turn

This rider breaks out into hysterical laughter after missing a corner and jumping his dirtbike out of the park. Watch the video.

Motocross Daily posted this video on Facebook to show what happens when you miss a gear or lose your brakes and quickly run out of racetrack. Sometimes there’s nowhere to go but up and out.


This hapless rider was just doing his thing at the local track when his action camera caught this sequence. Fortunately for him, things worked out with a picture-perfect landing, but there was no denying that he probably left a load in his riding pants as evidenced by the maniacal laughter that ensues on the video after he regains control of his bike and his bowels. Note: If you can’t hear the video, right click on it and click “unmute.”

According to mentalfloss.com, the response of laughter after a harrowing incident is a common response, and it can be categorized much in the same emotional vein as crying tears of joy.

“…fearful laughter actually represents a denial of fear. We’re scared, but we’re trying to convince ourselves and the people around us that we’re not—that everything is okay. Alex Lickerman writes in Psychology Today, ‘We’re signaling ourselves that whatever horrible thing we’ve just encountered isn’t really as horrible as it appears, something we often desperately want to believe.’ Lickerman calls this a ‘mature’ defense mechanism (as opposed to ‘psychotic,’ ‘immature,’ or ‘neurotic’). He notes, ‘being able to laugh at a trauma at the moment it occurs, or soon after, signals both to ourselves and others that we believe in our ability to endure it.’”

This video drew a few funny responses itself, such as:

“Lmao but if you’ve never jumped a burm then you never rode hahaha.”

“This guys sounds he like just saw a double rainbow XD Paige. “WOOOOOOW! SO BRIGHT AND VIVID!!!!! Wooooooooah!”

“That’s exactly how anyone would react to that unexpected air. As soon as you know your gonna be okay, you turn into a funny man :)”

“Haha!! This is some good whiskey throttle right her! Lol. Just ot fer a rip arr ya bud? Haha.”

“This was an act of god to remove you from the mx track and put you back on the street where you belong.”

“Haha woops.. Been there a few times! The heart always skips a beat or two when this happens.”

The only thing the video doesn’t show is whether or not the guy had to pay another entry free to get back on the track when he finally did make it back to the track entrance. Now that would have been funny.