DirtBikes.com 2015 Holiday Gift Guide–Gifts Priced $50-100

Here are 10 gift ideas that deliver excellent value without blowing the holiday budget.


tus_12_spo_tor_wre_kit7. Tusk Spoke Torque Wrench Kit, $84.95
Too many riders diligently check their tire pressure, brake pads and even the air pressure in their bike’s fork if it’s equipped with air forks. And yet the tightness of their bike’s spokes is often taken for granted. Bad move, as loose spokes can quickly shed like a dog in summertime, creating the potential for a damaged rim. Tusk’s Spoke Torque Wrench Kit delivers an important tool that makes it easy to torque your spokes properly. The easy-to-use Tusk wrench takes the guess work out of spoke maintenance, wheel building and truing. The wrench is adjustable from 30 to 150 lb./in., and Tusk claims that it is calibrated to + or – 2% accuracy. The “kit” part of the kit includes five drop-forged heads to fit the most popular spoke nipples (6.1mm, 6.3mm, 6.6mm, 6.8mm, 6.9mm). It makes a great addition to any rider or mechanic’s tool arsenal.