DirtBikes.com 2015 Holiday Gift Guide–Gifts Priced Over $500

If you’re looking to be this generous with your gift-giving, you probably don’t give a rip about Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


Fox_Racing_Shox_Podium_Rc3_Shock8. Fox Podium RC3 Shock, $995
Fox designed its Podium RC3 shock to give users superior suspension performance and the ability to make fine tuning adjustments quick and easy. Fox’s proprietary external adjustments allow riders to independently dial in the optimum amount of high- and low-speed compression, rebound, and bottom-out control, completely independent of each other. The Podium RC3 features hard anodized aluminum body and reservoir with a DLC-coated shaft and a high-flow damping piston for reduced friction. The RC3’s unique Bottom-Out Control (BOC) features 24 clicks of adjustability to allow changes to the end-of-travel damping without affecting the first three quarters of shock travel. The RC3 also offers 24 clicks each of high-speed and low-speed compression damping and 24 clicks of rebound damping. Fox’s Anti-Wallow Control technology is also incorporated to ensure that rebound damping changes do not affect the compression circuits. Pretty neat technology. We wonder if Santa has installed some on the ‘ol sleigh.