DirtBikes.com 2015 Holiday Gift Guide–Gifts Priced Over $500

If you’re looking to be this generous with your gift-giving, you probably don’t give a rip about Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


spot_sat-phone5. SPOT Global Phone, $549.95
True adventure types often can’t resist going it alone. We know some highly experienced riders who insist on disappearing into the desert alone for days. Safe? No, but what are you going to do? You could perhaps give the gift of rescue and help them stay connected wherever they may roam by equipping them with a SPOT Global Phone. The SPOT phone is intended to keep folks connected well beyond cellular networks. Powered by 100-percent satellite technology, it connects users to family, friends, work and emergency services from virtually anywhere in the world. SPOT says that the phone is easy to use and lightweight; it delivers the convenience you’d expect from a typical mobile phone. It can handle voicemail and type out texts, but in the event of an actual emergency, it can also reach out to GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center. GEOS notifies the appropriate emergency responders of your situation. With GEOS, SPOT has initiated over 2,400 rescues around the world. We still don’t condone riding off-road alone, but we’d feel better if anyone who did had a phone like this one.
Spot, LLC