DirtBikes.com 2015 Holiday Gift Guide–Gifts Priced Over $500

If you’re looking to be this generous with your gift-giving, you probably don’t give a rip about Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


John-pic-14. Precision Concepts Suspension Rebuild/Revalve Service, call for pricing
It’s always amazing to feel just how much better the stock suspension on most motocross and off-road racing motorcycles can be when they are properly rebuilt and revalved to suit the rider’s weight and riding style. So, if you’ve ever heard your loved one make mention of rebuilding or revalving their fork and/or shock, then you might want to slip a card in their stocking along with a note telling them how you’re going to spring (pardon the pun) for a tailor-made suspension revalve by the good folks at Precision Concepts. Bob Bell and his crew can dial any machine’s suspension for improved bump absorption capability, whether it be for motocross off-road racing or cowtrailing. Precision has a championship-winning pedigree that includes Baja 1000 wins, Baja 500 wins, WORCS Championships and SCORE Championships. Precision Concepts uses its racing as a testbed for its suspension innovations, and the company passes that knowledge on to the customer. Give ‘em a try.
Precision Concepts