DirtBikes.com 2016 Holiday Gift Guide–Gifts Priced $100-$250

Stepping up big with a dirtbike-related holiday gift? Check out these ideas.


P3-Carbon-Skid-Plate-11-23-201610. P3 Carbon Skid Plate, $189.95-$219.95
Buying someone insurance as a holiday gift might seem awkward, but that’s basically what you would be doing if you give someone a P3 Carbon Skid Plate. We’re fans of P3 Carbon’s products as we have experience with them, including on our recent DirtBikes.com/Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/Vertex Husqvarna TX 300 project bike. P3’s skid plates are hand-made in the U.S.A. from a composite material that contains Kevlar, carbon fiber, and biaxial fiberglass, which are combined using P3’s specialized resins to create an impact-resistant plate with a smooth finish and a seamless construction. P3 molds and fits their plates to a specific make and model of machine so each plate installs easily using P3’s quick-release bracket. Each skid plate extends from the branch of the downtubes back to the end of the frame in front of the linkage/swingarm with slight variations for each application. The skid plate also extends over each side to protect both engine side covers.
P3 Carbon

Acerbis-Plastic-Kit-11-23-20169. Acerbis Replica Plastic Kit, $99.95-$179.95

If someone in the family is riding around on a scoot with thrashed plastics, an Acerbis Replica Plastic Kit would make a great gift because it can make an old bike look like new again. The Acerbis Replica Plastic Kit is designed to provide a clean, factory original look for your dirt bike. Acerbis has a wealth of experience in injection-molded plastic dirtbike parts, and its plastics are claimed to recreate the original shape and dimensions of OE plastic while delivering outstanding durability. Each parts is designed to resists cracking, fading, and chalking. The kit includes the front fender, rear fender, side panels, and radiator shrouds. Acerbis offers Replica Plastic Kits to match the color of most late-model dirtbikes. Colors marked with “original” correspond with the original factory colors of the model/year.

Atlas-Prodigy-Neck-Brace-11-23-20168. Atlas Prodigy Neck Brace, $242.99

The Atlas Prodigy neck brace could make an ideal gift for the teen or small female riders in your family. Atlas says that the Prodigy was created to fit those “in-between” growing young bodies searching for the best equipment.
Features include a weight of 550g (1.2lbs), a body hugging Split-Flex frame that helps mimic natural body movements while reducing brace movement and improving fit/range of motion, an Easy Open release system, stronger and stiffer long travel front suspension, back supports that appear smaller but increase surface area, all new reversible Smart Mounts with multi-angle adjustment, lighter and tougher padding material in vibrant new colors, and a redesigned innovative tether that eliminates the need for multiple tools. The Atlas Prodigy is available in a variety of colors, but it is designed specifically to accommodate persons with a chest size from 29-32 inches.

Available through Ricky Mountain ATV-MC.com

Motion-Pro-Steering-Stem-Tool-11-23-20167. Motion Pro Steering Stem Bearing Tool, $142.99
Sad but true, our dirtbike’s steering stem bearings take a pounding and yet they are often the most neglected bearings on the entire machine, mostly because the average home mechanic lacks the proper tool to remove and replace them. Motion Pro’s Steering Stem Bearing Tool is a proper tool at a reasonable price. The tool comes with everything you need to remove and install steering stem bearings, including the tapered roller bearing at base of steering stem, but Motion Pro makes it clear that the removal process requires cutting outer sheet metal cage from bearing assembly. The tool includes 26 mm, 28 mm, 30-31 mm, 35-36 mm race protectors for installing bearing races. Its blue anodized bearing protectors are made from 6061 billet aluminum and laser etched for easy identification. The tool is compact enough to fit within the steering stops on the lower triple clamp, and it protects the steering stem during bearing removal and installation process.
Motion Pro

Tusk-Enduro-Lighting-Kit-11-23-20166. Tusk Off-Road Motorcycle Enduro Lighting Kit, $190.99-$210.99
Boy, we sure hope you live in a place where it still legal to turn a properly equipped dirtbike into a dual sport machine, because we live in Southern California. Sooo…nope. If we could, we’d take a serious look at Tusk Off-Road’s Motorcycle Enduro Lighting Kit, which is designed to simplify the task of installing front and rear turn signals, tail/brake lights, a horn, and a rearview mirror to a dirtbike. Designed to work on motorcycles with existing headlights, the kit is claimed to be easy to install and does not disturb your motorcycle’s existing wiring. The kit will work on almost any motorcycle with minor modifications. Instead of conventional mini-stalk front LED turn signals, the kit comes with Tusk MX D-Flex handguards with integrated LED turn signals. It also includes LED flush mount rear turn signals, a flasher relay, a horn, a hydraulic brake switch, an LED taillight/brake light, a dual sport folding mirror, an On/Off switch, and a control switch. A rechargeable battery pack is included for models that don’t have an existing battery. The battery can be recharged quickly with the Tusk 1 amp battery charger part #1263750002 (sold separately).
Tusk Off-Road
Available through Rocky Mountain ATV-MC.com

Fox-Racing-Women's-Comp-5-Boots-11-23-20165. Fox Racing Comp 5 Ladies Motocross Boot, $199.95
Dude, in case you didn’t realize it, Mom, Sis or the gal in your life are built differently than you are, and that extends to their riding gear needs as well. Fox Racing knows that, so that’s why it designed the Comp 5 Ladies Motocross Boot. The Comp 5 Ladies boot features a unique, female-specific fit with less calf volume and a shorter overall height. The boot features a bonded outsole that is specifically molded for each size boot to enhance durability and comfort. It also gives the boot a new modern look. Other features include Fox’s easy-to-operate Aluminum Soft-Touch pivot lock buckles, an anatomically contoured shin plate and medial plastic, full leather upper construction. Fox Racing says at the Comp 5 Ladies Motocross Boot is built with all day comfort in mind. One thing’s for sure these boots would beat a pair of heels when it comes riding a dirtbike any day! Available in Black/Pink (shown) or Black/White, and in sizes 6-11
Fox Racing

O'Neal-Racing-Youth-5-Series-Wingman-Helmet-11-23-20164. O’Neal 5 Youth Series Wingman Helmet, $129.99
Remember how envious you were whenever you saw someone at the track or on the trail sporting a custom-painted helmet? How much money must that rad personalized look have cost? Of course, nowadays, imprinted graphics have allowed manufacturers are a lot more hip to the artistic needs of the dirtbike nation, even the younger members. That’s why this O’Neal Youth 5 Series Wingman Helmet caught our eye. We just love the World War II style artwork on this kid’s lid—its styling would probably be attractive to kids of any age. O’Neal 5 Series helmets are constructed using a lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell that features multiple air vents to help keep the rider cool and dry during those summer motos or long trail rides. The helmet features a plush removable/washable padded liner that is designed to keep the wearer cool and dry by wicking away sweat. The helmet visor is adjustable, and those cool Wingman graphics are clear-coated for durability. The O’Neal 5 Youth Series Wingman Helmet meets DOT and ECE 22-05 safety standards. It is available in sizes S-L.

Moose-Racing-XCR-Jacket-11-23-20163. Moose Racing XCR Jacket, $249.95
The Moose Racing XCR Jacket is designed to accommodate riders who prefer adventure, dual sport, or enduro riding. The XCR boasts a waterproof, dual-layer stretch nylon chassis outfitted with seven front and rear zippered vents and heavy nylon reinforcement panels for comfort and durability. Its internal polyester mesh liner wicks moisture and improves comfort. The XCR also boasts waterproof, sealed zippers, adjustable waist cinches and a packing feature that lets the jacket fold itself into a fanny pack that can be worn around the waist. It is available in Black and in sizes S-XXXL.
Moose Racing

Air-Force-Blaster-11-23-20162. Air Force Blaster Motorcycle Dryer, $219.99
You may already have a pressure washer or be a garden hose samurai when washing the grime off your dirtbike after a long day’s ride, but how do you dry it? We resort to a combination of towels and compressed air to get our test bikes dry, but this season we’re going to ask for one Air Force Blaster’s Motorcycle Dryers. The manufacturer claims that the 4.0 peak horsepower electric motor on this unit cuts motorcycle drying time by as much as 75 percent by blowing warm, dry, clean, filtered air onto your ride. The Air Force Blaster helps to eliminate water spots and prevent rust and corrosion from unchecked moisture. The all-steel unit is lightweight and portable, and it comes with 10 feet of heavy-duty hose, a rubber blower nozzle and four interchangeable attachments.
Air Force Blaster
Available through Rocky Mountain ATV-MC.com

Alpinestars-A1-LE-Nations-Roost-Guard-11-23-20161. Alpinestars A-1 LE Nations Roost Guard, $134.95

It’s always fun to get a dirtbike-related gift, even better if it is a limited-edition item. If you want to put a new chest protector on your holiday wish list, Alpinestars’ Limited Edition Nations A-1 Roost Guard might be just the ticket. The Nations A-1 boasts the same performance innovations as the standard A-1, but the Nations A-1 is available for a limited time only, in a unique red, white, and blue color scheme. The A-1 is designed to deliver high levels of upper body protection that is CE certified (front guard) against impacts and roost. It is also claimed to have an innovative strap closure system for a quick and easy, tight-securing fit. The A-1 is versatile and modular, allowing the back protector to be removed for a highly customized fit. The guard’s perforated hard shells are constructed from a Polymeric material blend for optimized flexibility, weight savings and ventilation. The body side of the A-1 features soft bio foam padding in the chassis for maximum comfort, and a removable upper back padded panel allows the use of a neck brace. The Alpinestars A-1 LE Nations Roost Guard is available in sizes M/L, recommended for up to a 40-inch chest, and XL/XXL, recommended for a 40-inch to 46-inch chest.