DirtBikes.com 2017 Holiday Gift Guide — Dirtbike Gifts Priced $100-250

Our 2017 DirtBikes.com Holiday Gift Guide continues with a list of 10 great dirtbike gifts priced between $100-250. A little more bling for the holidays.

Continuing our 2017 DirtBikes.com Holiday Gift Guide, we take a look at holiday dirtbike gifts priced $100-250. This year’s guide features a couple of returning holiday superstars and a unique twist on one of our favorite dirtbike boots under $400.

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priced $50-100

dirtbike gifts priced $100-250

10. RevArc Smart Steps, $149.99
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You probably already have a motorcycle ramp, but loading your dirtbike by yourself can be tricky if you’re not willing to ride it up the ramp. That’s where RevArc Smart Steps come into play. The Smart Steps’ four large steps measure a generous 10 inches in length and 6 inches in width to give you a good foothold as you load your machine. The Smart Steps boast a weight capacity of 300 lbs., making the unit a sturdy platform. They conveniently mount in a receiver hitch during loading and fold for compact portability. RevArc claims that the Smart Steps are perfect for lifted pickup truck as well. They may not exactly fit in your stocking, but they’re a good choice if you’re seeking holiday dirtbike gifts priced between $100-250.
Available through https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/

9. Alpinestars Tech 3H Watch, $190.00
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Time keeping on or off the trail is easier with the Alpinestars Tech Watch. Its attractive black face is set in a 45mm PVD case. A double-layered dial features three hands designed for accuracy via Miyota movement, a Japanese standard in wristwatch motion. The Alpinestars Tech Watch is water resistant. It also comes with two straps—on premium leather strap and one Tech strap. The watch is delivered in a special box.

8. Bell MX-9 MIPS Helmet, $159.95
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If you’re special one’s helmet has seen better days, Bell’s MX-9 MIPS offers a choice in holiday gifts priced $100-250. Bell claims that the MX-9 MIPS is one of its best-performing helmets regardless of price, and yet it can be had at a price that’s affordable. MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. The MIPS system is composed of a specially engineered low-friction layer between the shell and the EPS liner that allows for a controlled amount of slip to help reduce injuries caused by impacts at oblique angles. Bell’s Velocity Flow Ventilation System™ is integrated directly into the MX-9’s shell and EPS liner for excellent ventilation of the interior, which features a removable, washable comfort liner. The MX-9 is DOT and ECE approved and comes with a five-year warranty. Available here.

7. P3 Carbon Skid Plate, $189.95-219.95
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A skid plate. Doesn’t sound like a glamorous gift, eh? Well, if you read our 10 Best Dirtbike Accessories feature, then you know that adding a skid plate on your list of holiday dirtbike gifts priced $100-250 could prevent you from having to spend way more coin when a rock or tree root gives you the gift of a smashed clutch cover or punctured engine cases.

We’ve had really good luck with P3 carbon skid plates, so we wanted to include them here. The plates’ mix of Kevlar, carbon fiber, and biaxial fiberglass is bonded with P3’s specialized resins to create a highly impact-resistant plate with a smooth finish and a seamless construction. P3 molds and fits their plates to a specific make and model of machine so each plate installs easily, mounting with P3’s quick-release bracket for easy removal while cleaning or servicing your dirtbike. Each P3 plate extends from the branch of the downtubes back to the end of the frame in front of the linkage/swingarm, and the plate also extends over each side to protect both your engine side covers.

6. Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale V2, $149.99
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Rear suspension sag is critically important to the setup of any dirtbike, as it allows the suspension to operate in the proper manner for the load of the rider’s weight, optimizing suspension performance and handling. Setting sag has traditionally been a two-man job, but Motool’s Slacker Digital Sag Scale chained all that, and the latest version, the V2, is claimed to even easier to use than the original. Motool’s patented system allows anyone to quickly and easily setup their bike’s suspension, requiring less than 30 seconds to place on the bike and take a precise measurement. The V2 features new hardware and new software, with an Auto Zero function that allows you to place the tool in a learning mode so it can actually learn where the zero point is when a bike is lifted. All you do is hold the backlight button for 3 seconds to place it in Auto Zero mode, then lift the bike to unload the suspension and it automatically marks the zero point so you are ready to take measurements.

The Slacker digital sag scale works on front axles as well as rear axles, which makes it handy for setting up air forks. A remote LCD display can be strapped on the bars allowing a single person to easily take measurements and control functions. All buttons function identically to main unit, including the Auto Zero function. Motool offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the Slacker, but we think you will be, and that’s why it makes our list of holiday dirtbike gifts priced $100-250.

5. Geigerrig 1200 Pressurized Hydration Pack 100 oz., $170.00
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Geigerrig may not be the most recognizable name in hydration backs, but its model 1200 Pressurized Hydration Pack got our attention as a worthy candidate for our gaggle of holiday dirtbike gifts priced $100-250. Geigerrig’s pressurized hydration system allows you to actually spray water to hydrate, share, clean goggles and anything else for which you might need a stream of water while out on the trail. Its pressurized bladder means that you don’t need to suck on the end of the tube for your water. The Geigerrig 1200 gets its name for boasting 1200 cubic inches of cargo space within its 1680 Ballistic Nylon-constructed pack. The 1200 also features multiple heavy-duty size 8 zippers, ergonomically fit shoulder straps, a removable waist strap and an integrated slider chest strap. Other features include a plug & play reservoir tube connector, compression straps, PVC-reinforced exterior side heavy mesh pockets, an external bungee storage system, reflective tabs & zipper pulls, Eco Rig back pads, Air Drive ventilation and a heavy-duty nylon pack handle

The Geigerrig 1200’s 100-ounce bladder is dishwasher safe and utilizes quick-release valves for the drinking tube and the pressurization tube for easy refill and bladder removal, and a slide top for easy refill, cleaning and drying.

4. Leatt GPX 3.5 Neck Brace, $249.00
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By now, Leatt needs no introduction when it comes to the world of dirtbike safety equipment, and we’re stoked to see that its GPX 3.5 neck brace is priced attractively enough to make it a choice in holiday dirtbike gifts priced $100-250. Leatt says that its braces have been independently tested and proven to reduce neck forces for up to a 43% reduction of risk for a serious neck injury. The GPX 3.5’s rigid, non-flexible structure is made of polyamide for light weight—less than 500 grams—and a reduction in neck forces, and its CoreFlex split rear thoracic strut is designed to be comfortable by working with the body’s natural movements. Its adjustable thoracic rear strut is engineered to snap off before applying excessive pressure to the back. Leatt also claims that the GPX 3.5’s helmet rim striking platform is designed for balanced head and helmet freedom of motion, and its collarbone cut-out is engineered to help keep the helmet and brace away from your most fragile bones.

The GPX 3.5 is CE tested and certified as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC. It is available here in Black or White and in size Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large.

3. FMF Titanium 2 Silencer, $179.99
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If you’re two-smoker moto rig sounds sick or feels like a slug, chances are good your muffler is shot. Ask Santa for an FMF Racing Titanium 2 Silencer. The 100-percent USA-made Titanium 2 fits our criteria for holiday dirtbike gifts priced $100-250, it looks cool, and it’s the lightest silencer FMF has ever made. FMF claims that the Titanium 2 Silencer delivers excellent increases in low- to mid-range power, and that it works best for tight tracks and Supercross-style riding. The Titanium 2 is constructed of a titanium stinger, titanium end cap, and an anodized aluminum canister that’s the same length as FMF’s standard shorty silencer. The Titanium 2 is completely serviceable/rebuildable without any specialized tools thanks to the removable bolts on the front of the canister. Available here.

2. Ogio Big Mouth Gear Bag, $199.90

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Ogio is an industry leader in aftermarket gear bags and travel bags for actions sports fans, and its Big Mouth Gear Bag makes our list of holiday dirtbike gifts priced $100-250 because it offers a lot of the features in Ogio’s more premium gear bags at a price that is more affordable. Measuring 31.50″L x 16″W x 18″D and constructed of heavy-duty 900D fabric with a PVC backing, the Big Mouth features an extra-large opening for access to its main storage area, and a tip pocket that functions as a wet/dry compartment. A zippered external pocket also allows quick access to personal items, and its external boot compartment will keep your muddy boots from soiling the rest of your cargo. A fold-put changing mat is another nice feature. Large skid guards are utilized to provide increased durability and abrasion resistance. Transportation is made easier via a two-stage, folding trolley handle. Available here.

1. Fox Racing Comp 5 Off-Road Boots, $219.95
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Maybe you love the features of the Fox Comp 5 Boot but spend most of your riding time on the trails or in the woods. No worries. Fox has your tootsies covered with its Comp 5 Off-Road boot. The Comp 5 Off-Road maintains all the great features but adds a heavily-lugged, bonded sole that’s closer to a sole you’d find on a hiking boot than a motocross boot. The sole is designed to provide excellent traction whether you’re paddling your bike through thick mud, putting a foot down onto rocks and logs, or simply walking around off the bike and enjoying the scenery. The Comp 5 Off-Road also features rugged metal buckles, excellent protection panels and durable materials while offering the same comfort level and little to no break-in time of the Comp 5. Available here.