How To Clean an Aluminum Dirtbike Frame

Jay Clark of Jay Clark Enterprises gives us the 411 on how to clean and polish your dirtbike’s aluminum frame and subframe to get a factory fresh look.

Those who know dirtbike project bike builder Jay Clark know that he is a stickler for details, right down to the bare frame.


The owner of Jay Clark Enterprises, Clark usually leaves no stone unturned when it comes to building up one of his factory-grade project machines, and that means making sure everything is made to be clean as a whistle and as pretty as possible. One of Clark’s latest How-To videos deals with cleaning and beautifying an aluminum dirtbike chassis in order to get it looking factory fresh.

As Clark confirms, the steel chassis guys have it a little easier, as they can repaint or powdercoat the frame to bring it back to a new look. Aluminum takes more time. Plan on spending a good two to three hours to get your frame clean and shiny. Clark demonstrates the procedure on a YZ250 backbone-style aluminum frame, but the process is pretty much the same on perimeter-style frames. Check out the video to see how it’s done.