Inexpensive DirtBike Helmet Buyer’s Guide, Under $200

Here are nine dirtbike helmet choices that offer proper head protections for under $200. Check out these high value lids.

Despite all of the advances in body protection that have come about over the past decade, the head is still the most vital protection zone for anyone who rides a motorcycle. And study after study has shown that helmet use is effective in reducing head and facial injuries as well traumatic brain injury on the highway.

Pardon the pun, but that’s practically a no-brainer for most safety conscious dirtbike riders. Face it: Your local motocross track is likely to have strict rules in place that mandate helmet usage when you’re riding a pitbike, let alone when you’re out on the track. And we haven’t seen too many dirtbike riders ripping around in the desert without a helmet.

Point is, if there’s one piece of riding gear you absolutely need, it’s a helmet.

The good news is that there are a lot of makes and models on the market. The bad news is that selecting a premium model with the latest and greatest features can cause a severe case of sticker shock—no matter how much you value your head, plonking down over $500 for a premium helmet is a huge commitment. However, more good news is that there are plenty of lids out there that offer sufficient safety and plenty of value for dirtbike riders on a budget.
To prove it, we submit to you this list of nine dirtbike helmets than can be purchased for under $200, less than half of what some of the top-shelf dirtbike helmets are selling for these days. And many of our value models are manufactured by well-known manufacturers. Some of these models even meet or exceed SNELL and ECE crash standards. All of them are D.O.T.-certified. Check ‘em out.

9. Shift White Label, $104.96

Shift claims that its White Label helmet is the definition of uncompromised value. The White Label may be less complex than other helmets on the market, but it still delivers the goods in terms of basic protection, and all for little more than a C-note. Its injection-molded polycarbonate shell features nine intake and four exhaust vents to channel air through the helmet and keep the rider’s head cool. A DRI-LEX liner is used to keep the wearer’s head comfortable during long stints on the track or on the trail. The Shift White Label helmet is designed to meet ECE 22-05 and DOT certification standards.

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