PhiPAL Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Safety Device

The PhiPal and PhiPal Pro could be an important high-tech survival tool to have in your safety gear arsenal.


Cool technology is often born outside mainstream channels, and sometimes not without the help of end users who are sold on the value of its application.
Silicon Valley-based SAPHIBEAT Technologies is hoping that its PhiPAL line of adventure monitors will attract the interest of action sports and adventure enthusiasts who are seeking its performance and safety features even if they didn’t know they were. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring the PhiPAL to market.

The PhiPAL is designed not only to deliver a number of real-time performance data to users, it also has a built-in safety feature that allows it to recognize if the user has suffered an accident that may require medical attention. The PhiPAL features a proprietary machine-learning AI algorithm that can automatically call for emergency assistance if the wearer has become incapacitated and may not be able to.

PhiPAL (left) and PhiPAL Pro (right)
PhiPAL (left) and PhiPAL Pro (right)

SAPHIBEAT Technologies co-founder Carlo Ciaramelletti has unfortunate personal experience in coping with such an emergency; it was a major factor in the design of the PhiPAL.

“The idea of PhiPAL came as a result of a ski accident in 2012 when I was skiing in Italy,” Ciaramelletti explained in the PhiPAL’s product literature. “I was fortunate to make it home safely, but shortly after my accident, another skier crashed in the same area. The day after, he was found dead. No one could find him because nobody knew what happened and where he was. Today we have the technology to make the best use of the ‘golden hour,’ that time after an accident when even one minute can make the difference between a tragedy and just an accident to remember. By changing how we use technology to save people’s lives, we believe that the platform is a valuable companion for any sports activity that requires the use of a helmet.”

PhiPALMotoNaturally, that extends to motocross, off-road, dual-sport and adventure riders. We still know some veteran riders who insist on tackling the outback on solo rides. Not the best tactic in our opinion, but what are you gonna do? The PhiPAL is an unobtrusive device that could greatly enhance rider safety by shortening emergency response times. Claimed by the manufacturer to be lightweight, it fits easily on the rear upper portion of a helmet via standard GoPro mount. In the event of an accident, the unit can contact first responders via a number of communication channels. We’re particularly interested in the PhiPAL Pro, which features satellite tracking to ensure that the device can communicate no matter where on the globe your adventure takes you.

The PhiPAL also features GPS-based performance tracking technology that monitors and records such data as vehicle speed, time, range and air-time over a jump. Its 3D modeling can even help you improve your performance by tracking your lines, which can lead to reduced lap times. Off-road riders can also use its adventure planner to find new routes to explore.

If you’re interested, check out the PhiPAL Kickstarter page or visit the company website at