Product Review: Moose Racing M1 Riding Gear

Moose Racing’s M1 line of riding apparel is designed to look good, feel good and last a long time.

Moose Racing's M1 riding gear line offers good looks and durability to match.
Moose Racing’s M1 riding gear line offers good looks and durability to match.
It’s one thing to be stylish, but if your chosen riding gear shreds into a hairball the first time you crash or fades to black after just a few trips through the laundry, then your money is wasted.

There are a lot of riding gear companies in the off-road market today, and some of them have a long history of producing high-quality apparel that can stand up under the abuse of hard-core off-road use. Moose Racing is one of those companies. Founded in 1986 with a goal of producing high-quality hard parts for off-road motorcycles, Moose has continued to refine and expand its offerings to include a full line of riding gear over the years, including the M1 family of off-road pants and jerseys.

The imported line of M1 gear is designed to be comfortable, durable and stylish in the harshest environments. To meet those design goals, the M1 jersey is designed of flyweight micro-mesh polyester with a custom collar design that is claimed to improve comfort. Raglan-style (one-piece) sleeves are also incorporated to provide a loose yet comfortable fit that resists binding, and the M1 jersey’s cuffs are made of a durable polyester that is claimed to resist stretching.

Moose Racing uses sublimated graphics on the M1 apparel. In case you’re not sure what that means or why it may be important, the sublimation process uses special heat-sensitive dyes to print graphics. The dye particles bond with the polyester while at the same time opening up the material pores. Effectively, the entire graphic design is a heat-transfer to the material, and yet it does not feel like a typical pressed or ironed-on transfer to the touch. It’s an involved process that cannot be done on natural fibers such as cotton, which has no pores to accept the sublimation.

The end result is the complex, eye-popping graphic schemes we are used to seeing on modern riding gear. Dye sublimation is also a durable process that is guaranteed to resist fading, cracking and peeling.

Moose uses sublimated graphics on its polyester M1 riding gear for fade-resistance and breathability.
Moose uses sublimated graphics on its polyester M1 riding gear for fade-resistance and breathability.

Moose’s M1 pants use the same process applied to high-denier polyester material with double-stitched seems for extra resistance from tearing in the event of a crash. Denier refers to the number of fibers used in a given product, and higher is better as long as the product’s comfort, flex and breathability are taken into account. Moose also reinforces the inner knee panels of the M1 pant with leather panels to resist tearing from the normal rubbing that occurs along a bike’s tank, frame and side panels when riding. Likewise, the M1’s seat also features a high-durability panel for added resistance to wear and tear.

But comfort is still the key when riding, and the M1 pant addressed the need by incorporating a “pre-bent” design that is intended to me most comfortable when the rider assumes the natural positions on a dirtbike. Fit is critical, too, and the M1 features a three-point waste adjustment system to tailor the fit to the rider.

Our test of the Moose M1 gear came on a typically hot and sunny summer day up in Southern California’s High Desert where temperatures ranged in the mid 90-degree Fahrenheit range. While the M1 gear is less breathable than Moose Racing’s Sahara line, our test rider reported no ventilation issues with the gear while grinding through the usually intense motos experienced by someone of his Pro skill level.

One thing we really appreciate about the M1 gear is its roomy knee areas, which are a plus for riders who wear large knee braces.
One thing we really appreciate about the M1 gear is its roomy knee areas, which are a plus for riders who wear large knee braces.
Fit and comfort of the Large M1 jersey and size 32 M1 pants received high marks, and there were two noteworthy impressions related to the pants. First, the knee areas are exceptionally roomy, making the pant a good choice for riders who wear knee braces. Second, we applaud Moose’s decision to go with a ratcheting straps instead snaps on the waist. We’re not fans of snaps, which can come undone and allow the pants to unzip and potentially expose other riders to the proverbial “full moon.” At that point in a race it would just become a question of how badly the rider wants it…

Do we have any gripes about the Moose M1 gear? Not really. Perhaps Moose could offer a few more graphic designs that range from cleaner looks to more involved designs, but as things stand now, you won’t mistake the Moose gear for any other brand, even from a distance, as its signature M logo is highly visible.

It’s a logo that signals quality, durability and good value. We know about the durability part as we have hit the dirt in Moose gear before, and it has always held up to the grind. That said, if you’re in search of some new riding duds, the Moose Racing M1 line is worth a look. It’s available in a variety of sizes and in several colors to match your bike and/or your fashion sense, and it should last you a long, long time.

Moose-Racing-M1-JerseyMoose Racing M1 Jersey
Semi-ventilated micro-mesh polyester chassis
Custom lightweight collar design improves comfort
Athletic fit and raglan-style sleeves provides no-bind fit
Non-restrictive durable stretch polyester mini cuffs
High-quality breathable, non-fading sublimated graphics
Available in sizes SM-3X
MSRP: $26

Moose-Racing-M1-pantsMoose Racing M1 Pants
High denier woven polyester chassis with double stitched seams
High-quality, non-fading sublimated graphics
Durable full-grain leather inner knee panels
Reinforced high denier seat panel
Pre-bent ergonomic pant design with spandex stretch panels
3-point waist adjustment system allows you to fine tune fit
Available in sizes 28″ – 42″
MSRP: $83

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