The Top 10 Motocross Racers of All Time

Veteran motocross journalist Steve Cox assembles a list of the Top 10 Motocross Racers of All Time? Are you surprised who isn’t on it? So were we.

10. Eric Geboers

  • Motocross5-time World MX Champion (125cc in 1982-1983, 250cc in 1987, 500cc in 1988 and 1990)
  • First-ever “Mr. 875cc” in the GPs, meaning he won world championships in all three classes.
  • 38 GP overall victories in total, including defeating the Americans at the first Glen Helen 500cc MX GP in 1990.

Eric Geboers was a badass. He was the first of only two men to ever win all three world motocross championships – 125cc, 250cc and 500cc (thus “Mr. 875cc”) – and the guy simply had no quit in him. In his final race of his career, in 1990, at 28 years of age, he came to the USA to race against many of America’s top racers in the first-ever Glen Helen 500cc USGP of Motocross (promoted by Roger DeCoster). Geboers pushed so hard in the SoCal heat that he threw up on himself part way through the second moto but still managed to take the overall victory in a field that included Ricky Johnson (who won the second moto), Jeff Matiasevich and Johnny O’Mara (not to mention Kurt Nicoll and the other GP regulars). He went out on top, winning his last-ever race, and did it on American soil. He had clinched the 500cc World Championship prior to the Glen Helen finale.