Top 10 Vintage Bikes You Can Own and Ride

Rick “Super Hunky” Sieman puts on his thinking cap and produces a top 10 list of vintage bikes that are practical to own and ride, if there is such a thing.

7. 490 MAICO
This one isn’t as vintage as some. The 490 Maico came out in 1981 and was immediately hailed as the best dirt bike ever made. To this day, a whole lot of people still say that. The ’81 was a twin-shock version with more pure horsepower than anyone thought possible. Forget the 1982. That year, the bike was delivered with a horrible single shock suspension system, and a whole lot of bikes broke. In fact, 1982 was with effectively the year that started to put Maico out of business. I personally owned a few ’81’s and a 1983 with a huge Mikuni carb on it. It smoked every modern four stroke that was paired up against it. I sold that bike a year ago and regret that decision.

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