Top 10 Whiskey Throttle Videos

Watch what happens when you mix a little whiskey and a lot of gasoline–it’s Whiskey Throttle!


It’s Whiskey Throttle Thursday here at, so pour yourself a shot, hold my beer and watch these 10 examples of excess. The amount of Whiskey Throttle contained herein varies from slight to stupendous. And the results are always the same, too: Gravity Wins.

10. Holy Shutter, It’s Whiskey Throttle!

Yeah, no kidding. This one, posted by Checked Out Action Media, was captured at the Arctic Cat Nitro Arenacross Tour round in St. Charles, Missouri. Now, it’s bad enough when you let whiskey throttle take you out, and even worse when you take out your buddy. But taking out the track photographer and possibly wadding up his $6000 camera body and $3000 lens isn’t going to net you a good deal on your PR photos. On the other hand, if it’s a phone-tographer, you know one of those irritating cellphone-wielding A-holes who jumps right in front of you to Bogart your Pulitzer winner… Well, we say line ’em up, grab a handful of whiskey throttle and take out as many of ’em as you can!