Video: Check Out The Taurus 2×2!

In the market for a Russian-made all-wheel-drive motorcycle that you can carry anywhere it carries you? Look no further.

Hold the phone, comrades!

Just when we thought we’d seen everything, it looks like our rivals in the red zone have come up with one cool scoot, the Taurus 2M (or Tarus in Russian), an all-wheel-drive trail machine that mimics the design of the legendary Rokon Trail Breaker but in a lightweight and foldable package. How light? Check out the promotional video and witness the incredible feats that are performed by both bike and rider. Can’t make it up that steep hill on your fancy-schmancy? The Taurus 2M can. And if it can’t, you can just hop off and drag that sum-B to the top. Try doing that on your average AMA hillclimb machine. The Taurus is also adept at urban trials riding, and it’s tiny four-stroke engine is probably quiet enough not to piss off that bitchy neighbor in apartment 2D.

We’re suckers for utility, and the Taurus delivers it in spades. How many dirtbikes do you know of that can actually be used as a ladder–that’s right, a ladder?! The Taurus 2M promotional video shows just how it can be done. Now, you could probably use any old dirtbike as a ladder, and the aforementioned hillclimber might be more effective if the obstacle is over 10-feet tall or something, but the Taurus only weighs in at between 103.4 and 162.6 lbs. (depending on its accessories), so it’s far more portable.

Speaking of portability, the Taurus handily folds up in a compact package, allowing it to easy slide into the trunk of your average Lada, so if you happen to be one of those dirty Western capitalists who has something slightly larger like, say a 1959 Cadillac, you can easily slap a dozen of ’em in there–and we mean Tauruses, not Ladas. Best of all, the Taurus 2 costs a mere $980, making it one of the best buys in all of dirtbike-dom. We’d love to get our hands on one!

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