Video: Garrahan Off-Road Training, Episode 2

The latest Garrahan Off-Road Training video discusses the nuances of rider weight transfer when cornering on a dirtbike; strong influence.

Episode 2 of the Garrahan Off-Road Training (GOT) Instructional Video Series presented by Bolt Hardware is now available on YouTube.


The second in a series of GOT videos that will be presented in conjunction with Bolt, this episode discusses the concept of rider weight transfer to aid in the turning of a motorcycle. Garrahan discusses how weighting the footpegs can have a huge influence on the lean angle of of a motorcycle, and he proves the point by demonstrating the technique without holding the handlebars. As with most riding techniques, practice makes perfect.

Perfecting them is what helped Garrahan become good enough to qualify for nine ISDE Enduros and collect multiple gold medals. He’s also a three-time AMA National Hare Scrambles Champion; a multi-time AMA District 36 champion and winner of several GNCC, National Enduro, and OMA races. His GOT business also offers classes and personal instruction for off-road riders of all skill levels.