Video: Santa Claus Goes Wild on a Dirtbike

Santa Claus Goes Wild on a Dirtbike, aka “Santa needs to quit drinking.”


It isn’t exactly “Girls Gone Wild,” but this may be as close as Santa Claus can get, at least on two wheels and with his clothes on.

And who the heck wants to see Santa Claus naked anyway?

The Motocross page on Facebook was the host for this little gem, which shows old St. Nick himself (not to be confused with test rider Nic Garvin–it would take three of Garvin to fill one of Santa’s demonic red jumpers) gettin’ jiggy with on the beach. We dig the fact that Santa chose a pretty cool ride for his sand-fest, a Beta two-stroke, but it looks like he may have hopped up his cocoa with a little too much of the peppermint schnapps.

Ah well, ’tis always the season for a little roostin.’

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