Video: Travis Pastrana’s Sage Advice

In case you’ve ever wondered how not to die while competing in extreme action sports, let Travis Pastrana show you the way.

Travis Pastrana, with daughter Addy.
Travis Pastrana, with daughter Addy.

Who knew that former AMA 125cc National Champion Travis Pastrana, a man who could pave his driveway in X Games medals and who now makes a comfortable “living” by cheating death in Nitro Circus extreme action sports thrills shows around the globe, is also a sage who imparts such profound wisdom?

It stands to reason, though, that if there’s one subject in which Pastrana is a resident expert, it is how not to die—he’s been trying to kill himself for years, only to come up short. Pastrana has survived everything from perfecting the first back flip on a motorcycle, to base jumping into the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle, to jumping out of a perfectly good-working airplane without a parachute…the list goes on. He has endured some horrific crashes in the harrowing sport of automobile rally competition. Even more death-defying, he somehow survived stint in NASCAR as a driver who 1) had all of his teeth and 2) knew how to enunciate.

So it was about time that Pastrana sat down and finally shared his tips on achieving immortality. It’s hard to believe that there are only five things you need to know in order to live a long and prosperous life as an extreme sports athlete. However, before proceeding through this video, it is important to note that Pastrana is a highly trained professional, and he has sufficient experience to dispense these pearls of wisdom.

…Well, everything except rule number 5… None of us have for whom rule number 5 bears relevance will ever have sufficient wisdom to avoid trouble there.

Travis Pastrana Career Highlights
-2000, AMA 125cc National Motocross Champion
-2001, AMA 125cc East Supercross Champion
-1999, first-ever X Games MotoX Freestyle gold. He would go undefeated for the next four consecutive X Games.
-2004, Pastrana crashed while trying a 50-foot 360-degree trick at the X Games, sustaining a concussion. He still competed and won a silver medal in MotoX Freestyle.
-2005, Won a fifth X Games MotoX Freestyle gold medal.
-2006-2009, four-time Rally Americas Overall Champion
-2006, Pastrana became the third athlete to win three gold medals at a single X Games event after winning MotoX Best Trick, MotoX Freestyle, and Rally Car Racing. Completed the first double backflip in X Games competition.
-2008, X Games Rally gold medalist
-2009, Perfected the Rodeo 720 stunt and filmed it for Nitro Circus – Country Fried. The stunt was renamed it the TP7.
-2010, X Games MotoX Freestyle gold medalist; MotoX Speed & Style gold medalist
-2011-2013, competed in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.
-2015, Made his Speed Energy Formula Off-Road debut at X Games Austin 2015; finished ninth in the final.