Ty Tremaine Wins Honey Lake AMA WHS

Inspired by Eli Tomac’s Salt Lake City Supercross win the night before, Ty Tremaine is the top dog at Honey Lake AMA WHS near Susanville, California, on April 23.

After making his first start in the Kenda/SRT AMA West Hare Scrambles Regional Championship Series two weeks ago at round four where he was protested after finishing fifth, FMF/Maxxis/RPM Racing KTM’s Ty Tremaine rebounded and left no question about who was fastest at round five, the Honey Lake Hare Scrambles by Cross Country Promotions, LLC, at Honey Lake Motocross Park in Milford, California, on April 23.

Honey Lake
Though the Honey Lake MX Park was only recently reopened under new ownership, Ty Tremaine did plenty of WORCS races there as a kid, making him one of the few with experience in the rough, technical trails. In addition, Eli Tomac’s win at the Salt Lake City Supercross the night before inspired him, and it showed as he dominated for his first win of the series. PHOTO BY MARK KARIYA.

The race also served as round eight of both the AMA District 36 SRT Championship Cross-country Series, Presented by Works Connection, and the AMA D-36 Motion Pro Championship Youth Cross-country Series, Presented by Racer Decal.

Tremaine led from practically start to finish and bested runner-up Max Gerston by more than two minutes while defending series champ Nick Burson claimed third. But while Beta’s Gerston is still looking for his first victory in the series, his third-straight podium came with a bonus: He now bumps Burson from the top of the points chart for the first time, unofficially, leading the Purvines DA8 Racing Yamaha rider, 104-102.

Honey Lake
Max Gerston’s second- place finish put him on the podium for the third round in a row. Though he still longs for his first victory, that consistency allowed him to bump Nick Burson (who was third on the day) off the top spot in points for the first time. PHOTO BY MARK KARIYA.

After getting the holeshot, Tremaine reported, “Nick got around me right there real quick. Going down the first wash, I was able to get [back] around him and then after that, I just kind of set my sights forward and charged hard.”

Gerston also passed Burson in the early going but was unable to match Tremaine’s pace. The new points leader said, “I really want to win one of these. Consistency is great, though. If there’s any quality you want in the West Hare Scrambles, it’s consistency. Balls to the wall isn’t necessarily the way to go. I’ll take another second; it’s all good. Ty was riding really good today—he was on fire!”

Honey Lake
For the fourth time this season, J.T. Baker proved to be the fastest in FMF Pro 250, coming from the second row to seventh overall in the process. PHOTO BY MARK KARIYA.
Burson, on the other hand, plainly admitted he was far from on fire and was relieved to earn a spot on the podium. Having been sick all week and unable to train, as well as dealing with the emotional duress of his grandfather’s funeral, he admitted, “I was coughing the whole way down the creek—just couldn’t catch my breath, snot running out of my nose. It felt like I didn’t train a day in my life! It’s the roughest [course] I’ve ever ridden, probably. I don’t think I had very much fun today.”

Neither did Burson’s teammate, Axel Pearson, who came from a last-place start back to fourth. He appeared to be on pace to challenge Burson for third, but suffered several crashes and instead settled for fourth on the day to solidify his fourth in points.

IRC Tires Yamaha’s Justin Bonita finished fifth ahead of SRT KTM’s Steven Godman and SRT Husqvarna’s J.T. Baker, who topped the FMF Pro 250 class for the fourth time. Joey Fiasconaro earned eighth overall on his Six Five O Racing Gas Gas, thus dropping to third in points at 93, unofficially. FMF Pro 250cc racers Cole Conatser and Morgan Crawford rounded out the top 10.