2018 Gas Gas Model Preview

Some of the 2018 Gas Gas models will be on display this weekend at the ‘Motoh! Barcelona’ in Barcelona, Spain; three new trials bikes.

Gas Gas is showing off some of its 2018 Gas Gas models at the ‘Motoh! Barcelona’ show in Barcelona, Spain this weekend, including its revamped EX/XC off-road model and three new youth trials models.

2018 Gas Gas
Gas Gas is displaying its 2018 EC-XC off-road model at the Motoh! Barcelona show in Barcelona, Spain, this weekend.

Gas Gas claims to have completely reinvented the EC/XC, which features a new frame, engine, suspension, geometry and other new parts that are designed to give he bike greater reliability, versatility, performance and easier maintenance. Here is what Gas Gas has to say about the new off-road models:

Gas Gas is proud to present the new Gas Gas EC/XC, its symbol of renewal. An enduro bike that joins together in one unique formula all the ingredients for maximum reliability, top specs, confidence, versatility, easy to ride and mechanically accessible. This is an innovative bike from its very conception, designed around a central backbone frame. A structural element in combination with new geometry and top quality suspension (Kayaba front and back), giving the new Gas Gas weapon lightness and sensitivity in riding.

The new Gas Gas EC/XC has been conceived and designed for easy, quick mechanical accessibility, suitable for riders of all levels right across the broad spectrum in the world of enduro, both professional and amateur, thanks to its versatility, power and ease of riding. The new Gas Gas EC/XC has new geometry for a bike with a visibly lighter and narrower shape, only 105 kg, with a greater turn angle.

Gas Gas only trusts in the best components for its new enduro. A total commitment to the quality of the bike when taken as a whole reaches the highest peak of excellence thanks to a never-ending list of new parts in both the bike and engine. Amongst the most important, as well as the previously mentioned Kayaba suspension, are the Magura clutch cylinder, the FMF Powercore 2.1 silencer–manufactured exclusively for Gas Gas, the Kehin PWK 38 carburettor, Excel wheels and Metzeler Six Days tires, as well as the Nissan brake calipers and cylinders and the NG discs, elements trusted by the big names in each part of the manufacture of competition components.

The Gas Gas EC/XC 2018 range has a powerful new engine with a new thermodynamic. It is to be manufactured in three capacities (200/250/300cc), with electric start. It is going to be a delight for riders with even more performance than its two-stroke predecessors.

2018 Gas Gas TXT 80 Racing

The 2018 Gas Gas TXT 80 Racing, TXT 125 Trial School and the electric start Trial Contact are the newest additions to Gas Gas’ trials bike family. The TXT 80 Racing is basically a mini-version of Gas Gas’ full-sized trials competition models, and it is intended for experienced youth riders.

2018 Gas Gas
2018 Gas Gas TXT 125 Trial School

However, Gas Gas says that newbies can get started in the world of trial aboard the 2018 Gas Gas TXT 125 Trial School, which is designed for entry-level riders and trail riders.

2018 Gas Gas
2018 Gas Gas Trial Contact ES

The 2018 Gas Gas Trial Contact ES is also designed for the dual-sport trial/mountain-riding enthusiast, and it gets a new feature this for the the new model year: electric start. The Contact ES is capable of long off-road trips thanks to its comfortable seat and its .9-gallong fuel tank.