HJC Announces FG-MX Off-Road Helmet

After undergoing R&D with input from motocross riders such as Mike Alessi and Kyle Chisholm, the HJC FG-MX off-road helmet is now available for sale.

HJC has been around for a long time, and the company has a reputation for developing quality helmets that offer good quality at affordable prices. Many of the helmets you see wearing OEM private labels either have been or are currently HJC products.

2017 HJC FG-MX Axis
For 2017, HJC has turned its attention toward developing a new off-road helmet model, the FG-MX.

The FG-MX has been under development with input from Deft Family rider freestyle rider Nate Adams and AMA motocross and supercross series regulars Kyle Chisholm, Mike Alessi and Fredrik Noren. After extensive R&D, the FG-MX is now offered for sale to the general public.

According to HJC, the FG-MX helmet’s shell is composed of the company’s proprietary Advanced Fiberglass Composite, which is designed to offer light weight. The help ensure a superior fit and excellent comfort, the shell is designed using advanced CAD technology. Possessing and aggressive look, the spoiler designed for improved ventilation to provide a more efficient expulsion of heat. Inside the shell, the FG-MX features an impact-absorbing, multiple-density EPS liner. The FG-MX is both SNELL- and DOT-certified.

2017 HJC FG-MX Piston
HJC enlarged the FG-MX’s eye port for maximum visibility and easier goggle mounting/removal/fit. HJC’s “ACS” (Advanced Channeling System) Ventilation provides full front to back airflow, which flushes heat and humidity up and out. In addition to the large mouth vent, four front vents inhale air into the helmet, while the rear vents circulate the air through the channels as an exhaust.

To help riders stay cool and dry the FG-MX also features a SilverCoolTM Interior. SilverCool is a moisture-wicking and oder-free fabric made of advanced silver, anti-bacterial material. The FG-MX’s crown liner and cheek pads are fully removable, washable, and interchangeable throughout helmet sizes.

The FG-MX starts at MSRP $199.99, and the first graphic releases include the Axis (3 color ways) an the Piston (2 color ways). The FG-MX is also available in Black, White and Semi-Flat Black. Available sizes include XS-2XL.

Visit www.hjchelmets.com for more details.