METZELER MC360 Off-Road Tire Released

After exhaustive testing, the METZELER MC360 off-road/motocross line of tires is released to the public. Will the German company rule the roost?

Munich (Germany), 10 May 2017–METZELER, the brand with German origins which has been playing a leading role in the production of motorcycle tires for decades, focusing on quality, performance and cutting-edge technology, is once again ready to astonish-presenting its latest off-road product, the new MC360 motocross tire. Having overcome in its final testing session, and in extreme conditions, an adventurous climb to the Nevado Ojos del Saldo, the highest volcano in the world, situated between Argentina and Chile! On this occasion, establishing three world records together with Honda, the MC360™is now arriving on the market as the ideal equipment for professional and amateur riders engaging in the different off-road disciplines.


Mid Hard & Mid Soft
MC360 identifies METZELER products dedicated to Motocross, Supercross, Cross-country and Freestyle. It is an extremely versatile tire, able to ensure maximum traction and dynamic performance on numerous types of terrain, remarkable resistance to tearing and outstanding durability, due to the reversibility of its tread pattern. The number 360 indicates that this is a product for a 360° utilization, complete by all points of view, suitable for the most extreme terrains yet, at the same time, a street-legal tire, enabling the rider to reach the competition or training ground directly by riding his bike. A high performance product which, with two specifications, Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard, is able to face all kinds of terrain without needing to change the tire. Hence the slogan “Change the ground, not the tire” .

Mid-Hard action
Who the new METZELER MC360 is targeted for?

MC360 is METZELER’s off-road tire range dedicated to specific segments of professional and amateur riders of several off-road disciplines. On one hand, it meets the needs of professional racers in Motocross, Supercross and Freestyle, always looking for the maximum performance in any possible racing condition and requiring high performance, strong, durable and versatile tires, in order to reduce the set-up needed for optimizing their machines. Yet at the same time, MC360™, is the ideal solution for amateur racers, typically more focused on improving their riding skills with a durable, easy-to-use and always under-control tire; however, they are looking for plug-and-play solutions to perform at the top of their abilities with very few adjustments. Moreover, MC360™ has been designed for cross-country racers, looking for both motocross-like performance and enduro versatility and durability. Lastly, thanks to the availability of 18” sizes, MC360™ can be used by the specific segment of Motocross & Enduro for-fun riders, more oriented towards value-for-money products, able to ensure excellent performance, durability in addition to tear and wear resistance so as to prolong the riding experience for more than one practice day.

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Technical characteristics of the METZELER MC360

The internal structure of MC360 is composed of three plies of high module, low shrinkage, strong and impact-resistant polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The tire is thus capable to ensure a good balance between softness and toughness. Softness helps absorbing bumps when surmounting obstacles like rocks, roots and bumps, while robustness is required in order to endure fatigue and deformations during dampening.

The polymers and ingredients used by METZELER for the development of the new compounds of the MC360 achieve 2 main targets:

• Ensuring motocross performances, thanks to specific values of the tread/knob stiffness, for high-level dynamic, thanks tothe high resistance to heating and dynamic stress, enabling it to deliver a constant performance through the race event or through the training session.
• Ensuring the maximum durability, tearing, cuts and puncture resistance, capitalizing on METZELER’s expertise in racing enduro.
The different combinations of front and rear compounds and tread patterns provide the two versions of MC360 with a differentiated stiffness of the footprint area, necessary to achieve great handling aimed at excellent performances and stability in different uses. The compounds are 100% carbon black and they provide high tearing resistance, thermic stability and excellent durability.

The versatility, which characterizes this innovative product, is made possible thanks to the development of two tread patterns specific for the Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard versions that ensure, respectively, unprecedented traction on soft terrains and, in the second case, resistance to tearing on the hard soils.

A peculiarity of the Mid-Hard specification is the exclusive CKB (Continuous Knob Binding) technology, which, thanks to a double chamfer at the bottom of the tread’s groove, improves tearing and wear resistance of the knobs, which are laid out in five rows on both the front and rear tire. This tread has large knobs in order to increase the land/sea ratio in comparison with the Mid-Soft specification, in order to ensure an adequate footprint for maximum adhesion and improve the tire’s durability.

The tread pattern of the Mid-Soft specification is characterized by a specific geometry of the knobs, disposed over five rows for the front and over three rows for the rear, with alternated-cuts in order to ensure progressive traction in turns. The central knobs have a particular shape, thinner in the center (or parabola-like shape), able to maximize the knobs penetration in the ground and thus the traction when accelerating on medium soft terrains, without affecting its mechanical resistance.

Common to both specifications, even though with some specific features related to the different function – in the Mid-Soft they claw the ground, in the Mid-Hard they ensure an adequate footprint area- is the presence of alternated diamond-shaped lateral knobs and the presence of in-between knobs V shaped spaces, optimized to ensure mud and dirt evacuation.

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Main benefits of METZELER MC360

MC360 is a product ensuring METZELER’s quality and performances in different off-road disciplines: ranging from Motocross to Supercross, including Cross-country and Freestyle.

It is a versatile product which, with two specifications only, the Mid-Soft and the Mid-Hard, ensures high level dynamic performances on a wide range of different terrains, maximizing grip and traction in the turns, and ensuring an ideal behavior in all weather, on any terrain. Thanks to its high versatility, resistance and durability, the MC360™ enables professional and amateur riders to reduce the efforts and set-up needed on their bikes.

The performance consistency and the exceptional durability ensured by the MC360 is further enhanced by the reversibility of its tread pattern: the new tires can in fact be used in both directions. The user will have the chance to reverse it – around half of the tire’s life- in order to restore the angles of attack on the knobs if they have been excessively worn.

MC360™ is a tire suitable for the most extreme utilizations and, at the same time, a street-legal tire, allowing the amateur rider, owning a plated and street-legal machine, to go back and forth to the competition or training ground regularly riding on roads.

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The sizes of METZELER MC360

MC360 is already available on the market in nine sizes, two 21-inch front options and seven 18 and 19-inch rear options, all available both in the Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard version. Here is the complete range of sizes:

80/100-21 M/C 51M MST
90/90-21 M/C 54M MST

100/90-19 M/C 57M MST
100/100-18 M/C 59M MST
110/90-19 M/C 62M MST
110/100-18 M/C 64 MST
120/80-19 M/C 68M MST
120/100-18 M/C 68M MST
140/80-18 M/C 70M MST

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