10 Best Dirtbike Accessories: Insurance For Your Off-Road Adventures

Here is our list of the 10 Best Dirtbike Accessories you can add to your motorcycle if you plan to do some serious off-road riding.

If you’re avid off-road rider or want to become one, then you should have these 10 Best Dirtbike Accessories on your wish list.

We can’t begin to explain to you, how many different times that we’ve experienced failures, mishaps, or “I didn’t knows” out on the trail, miles and miles away from the trucks, because we didn’t have one of these. If you or your buddies are going out on a ride soon, check out our 10 Best Dirtbike Accessories list and make sure you have these essential items on your machine. A little insurance goes a long way!

1. Heavy-Duty Skid Plate
dirtbike accessories
Many manufacturers these days have some sort of a plastic skid plate on their machines when you buy them, but a lot of them are inadequate for hard-core off-road riding. Whether your bike was designed for motocross or off-road, we highly recommend that you invest in a heavy-duty skid plate made of aluminum, steel or carbon fiber from a company such as IMS Products, Works Connection or P3 Carbon. If you’re going over rocks, riding down roads, or even just grassing through some bushes, you never know where a rock might be hiding, and hitting one can cause severe damage. Having a a good skid plate bolted to the bottom of your machine can save your day and your wallet. Without one, your engine cases, the bottom of your frame, and in some cases water pump, oil filter covers and clutch cover, are all exposed. For your next ride, get yourself a skid plate to keep your bike’s low-hanging parts intact. It might be the most vital of the 10 Best Dirtbike Accessories on our list.