10 Great Used Dirtbike Buys

Here are 10 used dirtbike models that won’t bust your wallet. Is your favorite model on the list?

4. 2008-2015 KTM 300 Two-Strokes

2011 KTM 300 XC-W
2011 KTM 300 XC-W

Want an Open-class two-stroke? KTM’s 300cc models might be the pick of the bunch. The 300s deliver light weight with even better rideability thanks to the added grunt from the increased displacement—the proverbial Open-class power in a 250 chassis.

Unlike the three picks ahead of them on our list, the KTM 300cc models, whether motocross, cross country or enduro, have undergone a number of significant changes and upgrades over the years, so parts interchangeability isn’t as common, and thus we’re not as willing to target as many model years. But we’d be cool with just about any KTM 300 from 2008 forward. The 2008 KTM 300 EXC, for example, was the first electric start two-stroke enduro bike from a major manufacturer.

Other upgrades in the past several years have included six-speed transmissions, upgraded exhaust systems, translucent fuel tanks, improved chassis, diaphragm spring clutches better suspension components and more, so you really need to study KTM lore to be sure of just what model you are buying. Prices are all over the trail, but the quality is there, making the KTMs the best Open-class two-strokes you can buy used.