Best Electric Dirt Bike Models of 2017: Electrifying Performance on the Rise

Was 2017 the year of the electric dirt bike? Maybe not, but here are five electric dirt bike models that made an impression on us.

2. Alta Motors Redshift

electric dirt bike
Alta Motors Redshift MX

The Alta Motors Redshift has definitely turned a lot of heads and shown us the potential for a fully electric motocross machine in much the same way that the Yamaha YZ400F showed us that four-stroke-powered motocrossers had a future—and look what happened in the wake of the Yamaha’s release! Alta says that its Redshift line of electric dirt bike models is the electric equivalent of a modern 250, and looking at the numbers makes it hard to argue, the Redshift’s 350-volt electric motor is capable of spinning up to 14,000 rpm and producing 40 horsepower and a whopping 120 lb.-ft. of torque through its single-speed transmission from 0 rpm. Four adjustable power settings allow the rider to tailor the motor output to rider preference and/or the terrain.

Weighing in at 267 lbs., the Redshift, which is available in MX, Enduro and Supermoto versions, the Redshift boasts a space-age look aluminum chassis and swingarm, a unique thermoplastic subframe and serious, moto-worthy suspension. With its dense 5.8 kWh battery pack, the Redshift is capable of riding times ranging from 20 minutes at Pro-level motocross speeds to over 4 hours at casual cow-trailing speeds. With an MSRP starting at $14,995, it isn’t cheap, but it is definitely cool and on the cutting edge of electric dirt bike technology.