Video: Ride Engineering/MotoConcepts Honda CRF450R Project Bike

Ride Engineering shows off its MotoConcepts Honda CRF450R project bike, which showcases a bunch of Ride parts designed for the 2017 Honda CRF450R. MotoConcepts’ Vince Friese styles for the cameras.

Adrien Ciomo and the MotoConcepts Honda team have collaborated to produce this video that showcases the cool-looking and functional bits that Ciomo’s Ride Engineering aftermarket parts manufacturing house currently designs for the 2017 Honda CRF450R. MotoConcepts Honda team rider demonstrates the machine, which Ciomo says can be built for about $4500 plus the cost of the motorcycle itself.

Ride Engineering

Naturally, Ride Engineering components are showcased on the build, including the company’s redesigned top clamp for the 2017 Honda CRF450R. Made from 2024 Aluminum, the same alloy the factory teams use, it can be purchased separately or as part of a complete Ride Engineering triple clamp set available in the stock 20mm offset and also in 21mm and 22mm offsets. Using Ride Engineering’s 7/8 or over-sized bar mounts can add strength, torsional rigidity and handlebar adjustability (3mm forward or 3mm back of stock)

But what’s cool is that Ciomo isn’t afraid to discuss some of the other component choices made to complete the bike, and he also offers up some interesting tech tips, such as suggesting that any CRF450R owner who feels that his or her ride feels to rigid should try swapping the CRF450RX motor mounts onto the CRF450R chassis to increase chassis flex.

About Ride Engineering:
Ride Engineering was founded on September 1, 2001 by Adrian Ciomo. Located in Costa Mesa, California, near the heart of the motorcycle industry, Ride Engineering specializes in products that optimize motorcycle performance while enhancing appearance. For more information on Ride Engineering’s line of parts for the Honda CRF450R or your favorite model, visit.