5 Best Beginner Dirtbikes for Adults: Trailbikes You Can Learn On and Keep

Some riders don’t experience their first dirt ride as kids. Here’s our list of the five best beginner dirtbikes for adult riders. Give one a try.

Honda CRF150F – $3,799
Best Beginner Dirtbikes

We wish that Honda still made the XR100, but its CRF150F definitely deserves to be on anyone’s list of Best Beginner Dirtbikes. The CRF is similar in dimension to the Kawasaki KLX140G in that it offers ergonomics that are suitable to adult beginners, although the CRF150F’s wheel sizes are 19 inches up front and 16 inches in the rear, more like that of the Kawasaki KLX140L, and the CRF’s seat heigh is also a slightly lower 32.9 inches. The Honda’s 149cc two-valve SOHC air-cooled four-stroke single produces smooth power that isn’t likely to intimidate even the greenest of dirtbiking newbs, and thanks to its electric starter, fun is just a button press away. Honda’s four-stroke trailbikes have a long-standing reputation for being virtually bulletproof, and the CRF150F is no exception, boasting a high-tensile strength steel chassis and a maintenance-free battery. The CRF150F’s drum rear brake is nod to yesteryear, but it still works well, and the front disc brake is powerful yet very easy to manage. With bodywork inspired by Honda’s CRF motocross line, the CRF150F has aggressive looks while retaining a very docile yet fun character on the trail.

For more information on the Honda CRF150F, visit www.powersports.honda.com