New Motorcycle: 2015 Beta Xtrainer

Will Beta’s new Xtrainer create a new sub-genre in off-road motorcycling?

Will Beta’s new Xtrainer create a new sub-genre in off-road motorcycling?


The 2015 Beta Xtrainer is not a playbike, and it’s not a full-blown racer, so what is it?

Bdta says that the Xtrainer (aka, Cross Trainer) is the only true “All-Around, Entry Level” enduro bike in the market, and that it is the perfect bike for riders who wish to play ride without the intimidation of a full size enduro machine or for the expert rider looking to enhance their technical skills. Beta calls it the perfect machine for newcomers wishing to become involved in off-road riding.

So what makes the Xtrainer so different from Beta’s full-race 300 RR two-stroke? Size, for one. The Xtrainer’s deltabox frame is smaller and provides a 35.8-inch seat height and a lower center of gravity than the RR. Although based on the 300 RR, the Xtrainer’s two-stroke engine is different, too. Beta describes it as easier to ride, with a more linear and progressive power curve that makes the Xtrainer more docile than the RR. Topping it off, it’s also a little easier to live with for the newbie rider, who won’t have to deal with the hassle of premixing fuel; Beta engineers have added electronically controlled oil injection to the Xtrainer. Put gas in the gas tank, oil in the oil tank, and go riding. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Come to think of it, why are we still mixing gas and oil for our two-strokes?!

Beta USA Marketing Manager Tim Pilg says that the Xtrainer has been in development for a few years, and now it is here.

“The idea was not to copy the competition but rather develop a bike for a market that we felt was being missed, the entry-level enduro or off road bike,” Pilg said. “After riding the Xtrainer I realized how cool it is to ride a motorcycle off-road that has such usable and easy to manage power can be. The bike is just plain fun!”.

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Beta Xtrainer Key Features:

-All-new Deltabox frame designed to be more compact

-Super-smooth, 300 cc 2 stroke engine with adjustable power valve

-Special “torque” exhaust system

-Electric start

-Cooling fan

-Electronic oil injection (no need to pre-mix)

-35.8″ seat height

-10% smaller frame and overall size (compared to a standard Enduro model)

-Light, 218-lb. dry weight