DirtBikes.com 2015 Holiday Gift Guide–Gifts Priced Over $500

If you’re looking to be this generous with your gift-giving, you probably don’t give a rip about Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


bnr_Schools-Camps2. Ricky Carmichael University, starting at $500
What better way to improve your motocross riding skills than to learn the techniques, training and tips that earned a total of 10 AMA National Motocross Championships, five AMA Supercross Championship, more than 150 career wins and perfect seasons? Not to mention 67 amateur motocross national championships. That’s the kind of experience that Ricky Carmichael brings to his Ricky Carmichael University motocross schools. Carmichael and his knowledgeable staff, which includes fellow former AMA National Motocross and Supercross champions Jeff Emig and Jeff Stanton, can teach students everything from proper body positioning, to utilizing organized drills to improve their performance in every aspect of their riding, from flat turns to berms to rhythm sections to jumps. Improved braking techniques are also an important component in the curriculum, as proper braking can seriously shave lap times on the track. Just getting to hang out with Carmichael for a day would be a gift in itself, but to have the Greatest of All Time teach you to be a faster rider? Priceless.
Ricky Carmichael University