Fashion Statements: 10 Moto T-Shirts We’d Wear

For those of us who believe dirtbikes are more than just a hobby, here are 10-shirts that make statements about our way of life.

Dirtbike riders are an expressive lot, and they are totally unashamed of promoting the moto lifestyle which, while it has become more mainstream over the past 20 years, has never lost its rebel soul.

The folks at Teespring seem to get it when it comes to creating t-shirts that reflect the way many dirtbike riders feel. The company known for perfecting the dirtbike ugly Christmas sweater has a vast catalog of tees adorned with logos and witty slogans intended to be humorous, to be brash, to provide conversation starters and to show off our spirit of rugged individualism. Checking out the company’s offerings inspired us to put together this list of our faves, in no particular order. Keep in mind that many of these designs are available on hoodies and sweat shirts for those who want to display their dirtbike attitude in colder climates.

We could ramble on about why we picked the t-shirts that we did for this particular list, but they pretty much speak for themselves.

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10. Never Quit
Some folks are just so hard core that they think checking off the is rock on a dirtbike would be a good way to go. We can see them wearing a shirt like this one.