Simple KTM Oil Change Tip; Watch the Video

Jay Clark shows us how he changes the oil on his skid plate-equipped off-road motorcycles without messing up his garage floor; a stupid-simple tech tip.

Changing the oil on a KTM is simple enough, but if your bike features an accessory skid plate, draining the oil at service time can make a heck of a mess on your garage floor.


We don’t know if custom dirtbike builder Jay Clark eats a lot of hot dogs or not, but he has come up with a reason to save his picnic plates. Clark’s method for draining the life blood from his KTM project bikes is so simple it’s almost stupid. But it works, and if you want to keep your garage floor from looking like an environmental hazard, this is one way to do it.

Using Clark’s paper plate method offers two direct benefits. First, it keeps the crude off the ground or off your garage floor. We have it on good authority from NPG Power Washing owner and test rider Nic Garvin that once you spill oil on an unsealed concrete surface, you never really can get it all back out because some of it will be trapped in the pores of the floor, which could cause an unsightly stain. Second, it directs the oil away from where it wants to go, on top of your bike’s skid plate, which turn it into a dirt and muck magnet. And who wants that?

This may not be Clark’s most intriguing how-to, but it definitely makes sense to us.