The Top 10 Extreme Enduros in the World

With a little help from some of the top off-road racers in America, we rank the 10 best extreme enduros around the globe.

8. Extreme XL Lagares

Portugal’s Extreme XL Lagares might be best known for its prologue that takes riders through the waterfront town of Porto. PHOTO BY FUTURE 7 IMAGES/KTM MEDIA.

The Red Bull Extreme XL Lagares hard enduro in Portugal might be most famous for its prologue, even more so than its off-road main event in the Lagares Mountains. In the prologue, racers take to the narrow cobbled streets of Porto, a coastal city in northwest Portugal, and race up and down the steep steps and narrow walkways of the historic seaside town. The XL Lagares prologue is an event in itself, and the onboard footage from multi-time winner Alfredo Gomez is definitely worth a watch as he storms Porto like an urban rally course. See it here:

But don’t let the prologue overshadow the rest of the Portuguese extreme enduro, which features many other entertaining elements including the Salto do Rio river crossing that gives riders a choice between tiptoeing across a bridge, or sending it off a ramp.

Red Bull’s Best of Extreme XL Lagares Highlights