The Top 10 Extreme Enduros in the World

With a little help from some of the top off-road racers in America, we rank the 10 best extreme enduros around the globe.

3. Sea to Sky

Those who have raced it call it their favorite, and those who haven’t put the Red Bull Sea to Sky at the top of their wish list. PHOTO BY KTM MEDIA.

One look at the beautiful Turkish Riviera and you’ll know why Red Bull Sea to Sky is called “the most enjoyable extreme enduro.” Starting from the Mediterranean beach of Turkey’s southern coast and heading into the forest before heading up Olympos Mountain, Sea to Sky has a little of everything mashed into three days. The beach race that takes place on the sand in front of Kemer village serves as the prologue for the next day’s forest race. Scenic single-track and river crossings take riders through the woods, with results determining the start for the final Olympos Mountain Race. It might sound like a pleasant vacation, but the demands on the racers are plenty, especially on day three where riders head up the mountain. As riders make their way skyward, the lush landscape begins to melt away and nothing but rocky, sun-scorched slopes remain. The race culminates at the very peak of Olympos Mountain at an energy-sapping 7700 feet.

Fortunately, it’s a lot easier for spectators to reach the top. You can take a gondola up Olympos Cableway and have a bite to eat at the lodge while you await the (few) race finishers.

Sea to Sky has been gaining popularity in the last several years, especially since American rider Taylor Robert paid a visit in 2014. He called it his favorite extreme enduro, as did Kyle Redmond, America’s most experienced hard enduro racer. As for the rest of our pros in our poll, Sea to Sky is at the top of their wish list.

2016 Red Bull Sea to Sky Highlights